Number 1

RAS1 delivers accurate and timely reporting so you can stay in control of your restaurant’s finances.

Our customized reports are easy-to-read and make it easy for you to know where your restaurant’s finances stand so you can better plan for the future.

Point of Sale System Integration & Expertise

Our team will seamlessly push, pull, and poll all of your daily point of sale information into your books and will provide you with customized sales management reports taken daily from your point of sale system’s sales information database. Additionally, our team will reconcile all of your credit card depositories from your daily point of sale credit card batches and do this weekly — all without relying on you to provide any information.
Your reports will consolidate key financial information such as:
  • Sales Journal Summary by Day
  • Sales Journal Summary by Week
  • Sales Journal Summary by Month
  • Rolling 4-Week FLASH Report
  • Accounts Payable Report
  • Cash Receipts Report
  • Payroll & Labor Cost
  • Profit & Loss Report
  • Food Cost Analysis
  • Theoretical Food Cost Analysis
  • Liquor Cost Report
...and much more

Rolling 4-Week FLASH Reports

  • This one-page report will become your dashboard of gauges that will summarize key financial information you need to stay on top of your Sales, Labor and Prime Cost percentages every week.
  • You’ll quickly recognize pain points — before they worsen — so you can change course and make better financial decisions.
  • Know your Prime Cost metrics! By far, your most important indicator of profitability.

Sales Reports by Day / Week / Month

  • Concise Weekly and Daily Sales Reporting at a glance.
  • Custom formatted to fit your individual restaurant needs.
  • POS system or no POS system — we report your sales to you each and every week.
  • Your POS data summarized and reported the way it makes sense to YOU!

Weekly Payroll & Labor Cost Summary

  • One page tells it all. A simple and concise summary of your restaurant’s payroll information each and every week.
  • Control your own cash flow. No funds withdrawn from your accounts until they are due and payable.
  • Know your labor cost percentages at a glance.
  • Simple submissions of Weekly Payroll information.

Profit & Loss Reporting

  • RAS1 provides you with accurate, clear and concise P&L Reports.
  • Food Costs, Liquor Costs, Prime Costs — RAS1 reports it all to you.
  • Balance Sheet and P&L Reports are prepared in accordance with generally accepted restaurant accounting principles — not a generic P&L processed from Quickbooks or some other accounting software.