Number 1

We provide you with flexible and customized accounting solutions for getting all your bookkeeping and financial reporting processed and in your hands on a timely and accurate basis each and every week.

Whether we are assisting you in your present bookkeeping support or providing complete outsourcing of the bookkeeping functions for your restaurant, we have a solution for you — all at a cost that will be affordable and competitive when compared to your present overhead in this area.

  • Small businesses spend an average of
  • 120

  • working days per year on administrative tasks and bookkeeping

We make you profitable.

We provide a scalable and affordable solution for your weekly bookkeeping and financial reporting to improve your profit margins. By staying on top of your weekly operating ratios, the risk factor in this demanding business becomes diminished. With RAS1, you save money and gain more control of your restaurant’s finances.

More than services. The right ingredients for success.

Weekly Flash Report

Our Weekly Flash Report summarizes your Prime Cost financial information to help you stay on top of your Prime Cost each and every week.
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Sales Reporting

We provide you with a fully developed review of your restaurant’s sales to make sure that you can keep a handle on your revenue streams.
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Financial Reporting

RAS1 provides comprehensive P&L and Balance Sheet reporting in accordance with GAAP accounting principles.
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Payroll Analysis

Payroll requires extensive attention to monitoring your labor cost. Whether it’s weekly or bi-weekly payroll processing, the RAS1 one-page Labor Cost Report puts it all at your fingertips.
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Accounts Payable

Our team of experts will work to ensure that you are all caught up with payments to vendors.

Checkbook Reporting

Cash management is critical. RAS1 will reconcile all of your bank accounts weekly — including credit card batches — and in many cases, daily. You will be guaranteed a reconciled cash position each and every week.